Thursday, November 22, 2012

Bali High

Villa #6 at the Annora Bali Villas, Semiyak

I spent many hours lying by the pool, looking up at this (it wasn't just relaxation, it was a necessity -- we were melting from the humdity, and jumping into the pool every now and then also helped)

The route from the villa to the beach involved walking down some paths and cutting across a private courtyard and using their gated access to the beach. You had to remember which gate you took to the beach, and go back through the same gate, or you'd be lost in the warren of lanes behind every gate. I took pictures of what I passed, a sort of 21st century trail of breadcrumbs so that I could retrace my steps later.

Not at all like Bondi Rescue Bali. Semiyak is so much quieter than Kuta.

Waiting for the sunset at Ku De Ta. The flying ships are kites.

I'd forgotten that it's a Bali thing that the hotel staff leave you towel origami of animals as part of the turn-down service. I had a scorpion on the first day,  a turtle the next, and this looks like a running puppy.
Eat, pray, love has really taken over Bali. Still, getting a tea leaf reading after your morning cuppa must beat reading the horoscope in the paper.