Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Wish we could say the same

I sighed when I saw the cover of the current issue of The Economist. Not too long ago was the Aids memorial where I met with old friends, and thought of even older friends. Of those of us still attending the memorial faithfully every year, almost every one had dropped out of volunteering. Now, we just attend the memorial as an audience member instead of a volunteer. "Every one I used to do this for has died," said one of the ex-volunteers.

It was the saddest thing that I've ever heard.

I wish we in Singapore could say the same of the sentiments expressed by The Economist. The latest data from the Ministry of Health shows that in 2010, the number of people reported with Aids in Singapore dipped slightly. But two were perinatal. Those could have been avoided.

The fight goes on.

Monday, June 06, 2011

A week of gifts

Almost everyday now, for the past few weeks, I came home to find a stuffed toy (the dogs') on my side of the bed, sometimes under my pillow, sometimes tucked behind the bolster.

I think it was most probably Queeni who did it -- she's the one that will carry a toy in her mouth and move it about. Rupert just shakes them and drops them when he's done. I'd like to think that she left me a present everyday because she missed me while I was at work. But I think she was really just leaving a toy to bag a space for herself on the bed for later in the night when we retire.

I took these pictures over the past week. The one time I forgot to close the bedroom door when I was taking a picture, guess who got into the frame and claimed the toy for himself.

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Yummy yummy peri peri

I'm not food blogger enough to take pictures of my meals before I start tucking in. But I didn't expect my order to come on a sizzling hot plate. I had to wait for it to stop spitting at me before I could start eating. So while waiting, I took a picture of it. Peri peri chicken with pasta in tomato sauce and mushrooms. At the food court next to the office. Yummy.