Monday, June 06, 2011

A week of gifts

Almost everyday now, for the past few weeks, I came home to find a stuffed toy (the dogs') on my side of the bed, sometimes under my pillow, sometimes tucked behind the bolster.

I think it was most probably Queeni who did it -- she's the one that will carry a toy in her mouth and move it about. Rupert just shakes them and drops them when he's done. I'd like to think that she left me a present everyday because she missed me while I was at work. But I think she was really just leaving a toy to bag a space for herself on the bed for later in the night when we retire.

I took these pictures over the past week. The one time I forgot to close the bedroom door when I was taking a picture, guess who got into the frame and claimed the toy for himself.

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dona said...

I love these pictures...too funny! We always thought it would be funny to leave the video camera on while gone to see what the babies were up to, but when you come home to things like this you already know...:)