Sunday, February 11, 2007

Dog park

We took the furkids to the dog park in Pasir Ris this afternoon. Rupert had the time of his life running off leash. Curiously, he didn't shoot straight off to join the welcoming band of golden retrievers (why is it that every dog park we go to, every dog cafe, has a resident bunch of golden retriever greeters at the door/gate?) or terriers that were trotting around.

I thought he would be off like a shot now that he had off-leash freedom. Instead, he stuck to us and only ventured to run when we threw a tennis ball for him. And when we sat down, he stuck around us, never venturing more than a few feet away and then coming back. The good side to this, I suppose, is that this puppy has established a bond with us. And he's probably not going to be the sort of dog that would take off the instant he could. That's nice to know.

HRH, of course, stuck close and wouldn't mix around. That's why she's at the corner of the top photo, seeking solace between Daddy's legs while Rupert mingled.

And now, the two dogs are comatose again. Another peaceful evening. :)


eslow said...

But wait, isn't that the title of a Martin Cruz novel?

snugpug said...

I can only think of Gorky Park. Martin Cruz Smith has another title called Wolves Eat Dogs. But I haven't read that one.

There's a movie called Dog Park. I didn't watch it either. It's one of those dumb-assed comedies about dog parks being a great place to find dates. But this formula obviously does not work outside the US. Especially when you have a sulky Schnauzer attached to your legs and hyper fox terrier running circles round you.