Sunday, July 15, 2007

My brains are fried

That's why I haven't been updating the blog. Besides, it's kinda nice to let sleeping dogs lie... :p

It has been crazy at work because we're in the midst of switching to a new software and a new system. It's all I could do to keep abreast of things, and it made it all the more harder to come home and turn on yet another computer (and a different OS too) for relaxation purposes.

For the past three weeks, we've been trying to get the hang of the new system. We've got a guy from the ITD helpdesk permanently sitting with us and it was embarrassing how often I had to get him to come over to help me do the simplest things. Up until now, we've had one foot in the new system and another in the old but by tomorrow, we will be switching completely to the new system. And all hell will break lose. And Helpdesk Guy will probably go postal on us.

Oh, the picture. L took it, quite a while ago, using my mobile phone camera and I'd forgotten about it. We were at the hairdresser's and as always, it takes longer to do a woman's hair than a guy's and he was getting bored. I'm getting a steam treatment. It looks like I'm being cooked, doesn't it? I sure felt like I was dim sum.


The Cat's Whiskers said...

Good luck with the transition to Hermes!

I thought that the photo was most apt, and should have been titled "Adi getting hot-headed when Hermes crashes yet again".

snugpug said...

Hmm or "Adi blows a gasket".

The IT guys -- there were two of them -- were extraordinarily patient, perhaps because they had walked two other publications through Hermes before they came to us. It's our subs who are going postal. We have pagination problems that are unique to us, such as stock tables and charts.