Friday, December 19, 2008

Ready for Christmas

We couldn't put up Christmas decorations until Sunday past -- the 49th day of my father-in-law's passing and the day that the rites and stuff were all over. Seeing that it was just 10 days till Christmas, it didn't seem worth the bother to put the tree up.

But that's not to say that we haven't got a tree of sorts. This tree-like thing started life as a Christmas hamper filled with goodies that was delivered to my office a few years ago. Probably a gift from a PR or contact, and as is company policy with gifts and hampers, it was auctioned off at the office Christmas party with the proceeds going to charity. Whoever bought the hamper then shared out the goodies and I got to take the "tree" home.

I strung up some Christmas lights on it, and most years, stood it in a corner of the room, well away from the real -- well, plastic -- real as in de facto Christmas tree. Because of the dogs, we don't leave the presents under the tree -- in fact, the tree has to elevated on an end table. And the tree-hamper became the repository for the presents. This year, it'll also be *the* tree.

Now, it's time to fill it. And I haven't done my Christmas shopping yet. I've been bad.

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Milly said...

Um, Adi? I don't have a tree in my house (going to Houston, you know -- the tree is there) but THAT is one strange tree. Maybe it's a Singapore thing . . . and this western mind doesn't quite wrap around the Eastern concept of "Christmas tree" -- but green? Usually. Or pink or white. You do appear to have some lights and something very thickly red on it. But I had to click on the picture to actually see it was tree shaped. I think Queeni wants a tree -- and I'm sure Rupert would help you water it. By the way -- it was another Mongolian beef night in this house -- last day of school before break, finals taken, wash undone and no bags packed. Now your pictures of Mongolian beef -- THAT was the REAL thing! MGW