Friday, January 15, 2010

Nice work

I've had a few days off -- time that I had wanted to take off over Christmas week but had to delay till January, thanks to a printer who didn't differentiate between five days and five working days of lead time, forcing us to rework schedules and deadlines.

I spent my time off vegetating on the sofa, watching TV. I don't think I've watched daytime TV in years -- reruns, talk shows, game shows, old episodes of reality shows (turns out that you never do remember who wins Survivor and can happily watch it all over again). It was like audio-visual junk food -- zero calorific value but you just can't stop.

Has anybody wondered why Vanna White hasn't been downsized from Wheel of Fortune? It's not even like she has to turn letters any more, now that everything's gone electronic.

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