Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Festive abundance

This display of Chinese New Year goodies is for the benefit of overseas Singaporean friends who need a pineapple tart fix. [evil grin]. (The bak kwa isn't in this picture because it's in a tupperware in the kitchen. So consider yourself spared. [even bigger grin]) You can take a foodie out of Singapore, but you can't take Singapore out of a foodie.

Actually, I hardly ever buy so much CNY goodies because I have few visitors and don't want to be the one taking on all the calories by myself. But this year, I had a bumper harvest, primarily because my mother's neighbour set up a home-baking business, invited her to be quality control and mum outsourced the job to me. Talk about the benefits of job sharing.

We also had an excess of mandarin oranges because our Malay neighbours presented us with a some. And since they didn't have hongbao, they did the next best thing -- possibly an even better thing -- they gave us a flat box of chocolates that came in a red wrapper.

Gongxi facai. Wishing everyone an uproariously happy and prosperous Year of the Tiger.


The Cat's Whiskers said...

This post should be banned on the grounds of cruelty!

Somehow a photo of a Melton Mowbray pork pie and tri-coloured cheese posted in retaliation won't have the same lau nwar effect, methinks.


Milly said...

Okay, I blew up the picture, even pushed the biofocals up over my eyebrows, and squinted real hard . . . and the only thing I could truly recognize was the madrin oranges, which looked quite delicious. Some kind of nut? A very pretty tart? The chocolate bars are in the red and gold? I feel so very "white bread" and Midwestern and American. Dang it! However, the boys went all "ga-ga" over the Queen in her fancy necklace. And Roop the Poop makes quite a dashing dude in his collar. Luie, who can't quite see the collar but could hear me "oohing" over it, thought I should get him one, too. Happy New Year, my friend! MGW