Sunday, March 21, 2010

Ageing workforce

I know the government keeps harping on remaining in employment well beyond retirement age, contributing to the economy even in one's golden years and all that stuff.

But it's a helluva kick to my stomach when the cleaner clearing up after me in the food court is a bent-over grandma. When you go to the food court down the road from your house at an average of twice a week, the cleaners become familiar faces, and you start nodding at Aunty and Uncle, and try not to leave too much of a mess for them to clean. This particular grandma is a sprightly old thing, and I've seen her and the other aunties delightedly share the bounty of a plate of unsold food that a stallholder gave them. So yeah, they have a good time at work but really, I would challenge any minister who wags on about re-employment for the elderly to eat in a foodcourt and have someone older than his mother pick up his plate. It doesn't do much for the digestion.

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