Thursday, July 15, 2010

Feed a fever

I love my friends, and I think they love me. They spammed me with pictures of Diego Forlan when they knew of my World Cup crush. Then one of them turned those pictures into postcards ("you only get eight, any more would be a shrine") when I went into post-World Cup post-Forlan withdrawal (yes, I know Spanish La Liga starts next month, but I'm not likely to follow it -- I'm smitten but I'm not stupid enough to follow a league where I only know one player).

And even the one who then spammed me with pictures of Forlan's model girlfriend, in an attempt to jolt me back to post-World Cup reality. Why do footballers always have to date models? Life is unfair enough as it is.


The Cat's Whiskers said...

sweetheart, as I've already mentioned: she isn't human! (and neither is he, by the looks of it!). If you ever visit again, we'll hop over to Spain, shall we, and catch one of his games?

snugpug said...

There's no telling where he'll be next season. Tottenham have reportedly expressed in an interest in him, but he hasn't returned the interest in going back to England since he got pilloried by the press when he was at Manchester United. Juventus have also indicated that they want him, but Atheleco Madrid have said that he's not for sale -- hey, this fangirl keeps up with the news too.

It must be terrible though, to be treated like a commodity by your employer, even if you're being paid millions. Downside to being a god, I suppose. And thank you for your take on gods + goddesses = fugly offspring / deviation to the mean. Gives a straw for mere mortals to clutch.