Sunday, October 31, 2010

Acts of kindness

The ambulance crew leader who came out of the ER room to look for me in the waiting area to tell me that L was getting taken care of, and told me to take care.

The nurse who fetched me a cup of hot Milo unasked after she settled L when he was moved from ER to the ward.

The nurse who walked me from the ward to the ICU the next day when L took a turn for the worse, who insisted on taking my bag and L's belongings. The pat on the arm when she left me with the new team.

The doctor who kindly shooed me home because I had not slept for 48 hours.

The brother-in-law who drove me.

The well wishes of the taxi driver who picked me up at the hospital cab stand and in conversation found out that my husband was there in critical care.

Another pat on the arm from another doctor who updated me.

The friends -- here and overseas -- who call and email their love and prayers.

The friends at work who came by the house after work to simply sit up with me and chat because they knew I couldn't sleep.

The colleague who offered to walk the dogs.

The two dogs who, instead of spreading out over the empty space in the bed, take up guarding bookend positions on either side of me.

Queeni who, despite her hatred of bathrooms because wet things take place in there, went in to lie on the floor by the tub when I was in it.

Rupert who stuck his snount over the edge of the tub to check on me (the next bath, the next day).

So much love.

L is not out of the woods but heading in the right direction. Those were the doc's words. It's going to be a long walk. I am grateful to you all for walking with me.

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