Monday, November 01, 2010

I'm doing OK, and I thank everyone -- people, dogs and angels -- for their love and support. I was just telling my friend, I come from Cantonese peasant ancestry, the sort of women who would have babies and then go back to the fields. I can see how strong my grandma was, how strong my mum was when I walked her through hospital corridors when it was my dad that was in hospital, and now I realise, gosh, I'm one of them.

He's still in ICU and it's been a week today. I would feel more relieved if he were out critical care. But baby steps.


Milly said...

We remain with you in thoughts & prayers. Les will get better!

dona said...

Hi Snug, its been a while and I hadn't been to your blog, I see that your husband was in ICU, I want to say I am glad he is home and all is hopefully well. I know it had to be difficult as I had to do it with mine when he had his heart attack in 2006. Things got better, but I still worry about him every day. It is different when we worry with our parents and then it is our significant others we are worrying about. But I am sure you are as strong as your mother and grandmother. Prayers and hugs to both you and L. Dona (from Dahn's blog)