Monday, March 21, 2011

Don't get outraged

The poster on the advertising billboard at the bus stop was a collaborative effort between an arts school and the police force to come up with visuals for a campaign advising the public on how to prevent "outrage of modesty" (such a lovely Victorian turn of phrase, if you ask me). That the bus stop is on a road with little traffic and is dark at night, well, that's the sort of thing that would make you look over your shoulder.

The copy includes useful tips on how to avoid being outraged -- avoid dark areas, have someone meet you when you're going home late.

It just doesn't tell you what to do if you've been outraged. I think maybe a good swift kick in the goolies should do it. Pity they didn't illustrate that.

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The Catswhiskers said...

er ... what about dealing with it from the other end, i.e. do something to curtail the person doing the outraging. Chemical castration comes readily to mind. Or is this campaign the government's tacit acknowledgement that the outragers are out of control, that the beast cannot be tamed, and the only way to avoid being outraged is to stay out of their reach? I suppose it's better than having to wear a burkha.