Wednesday, April 27, 2011

And so it begins

Had a late night last night -- not entirely work related. OK, somewhat work related -- G needed a stiff drink before facing Nomination Day today. So stiff that after we left when the wine bar closed at 3am, he popped into 7-11 for one last beer. Me, I was rostered off on Nomination Day. I offered to work instead and take another day off but the design chief said I could "escape" especially as I worked Good Friday and Easter Sunday. Ah, just desserts.

Which meant that I woke up late today -- well after the noon deadline for nomination papers to be filed, but just in time for the media frenzy to begin.

I think I will switch off the TV and not read newspapers for the next week. I should just read the parties' manifestos. Everything else in the media will be hogwash at best and hysteria at worst.


The Catswhiskers said...

I think you might want to add a little footnote to the effect that you actually finish work very late, i.e. midnight. Otherwise readers might assume that you're a 9-to-5 slave who's been drowning your sorrows since 5pm!

snugpug said...

LOL never thought of that!