Monday, May 16, 2011

Sunday pig out

We went to the Marriott for their dinner buffet as we were nearby for the Aids Candlelight Memorial. We were quite late, but there was 45 minutes left to the buffet seating and we figured we could do enough damage in the remaining time. The staff quite kindly warned us 10 minutes before the buffet officially ended and told us that we should load up on whatever else we wanted before they started clearing the buffet set-up. So L got himself another plate of meat entrees and dessert to share -- a plateful of the petit fours and cakes (one of every variety), a bowl of ice cream (one scoop of every flavour) and made himself a bowl of local shaved ice dessert at the assemble-it-yourself counter. He was very happy with all the food on the table.


Milly said...

Oh my goodness! this all looks so good. Tell Mr. Studly I'd have dinner with him anytime! M. Me, too! Gussie. Me, Three and Four and Five! Luie

The Catswhiskers said...

aiyoh - ice kacang!

snugpug said...

Yeah. And because it's DIY, you can leave out all the stuff you don't like, and pile on all the stuff that you like. Although I gotta say that an ice kacang with nothing but attap chee, gula melaka and coconut milk was a bit too rich for me.