Friday, August 05, 2011

Impulse buy

Sort of. I was looking for something to wear in the office when the aircon gets chilly at night when the room empties out. I was thinking of a fleece hoodie. And then I saw this. Cut and styled like a leather jacket, but it's denim. Certainly light enough to wear here. And at 70% off. What's not to like?


eslow said...

Ayyyy... spiffy. Of course must buy, because so hard to find things that tick so many boxes.

snugpug said...

You can say that again. I was looking on the Surfstitch site for art tshirts, and restricting myself to those on sale (no thanks to the climbing Aussie dollar). I never checked out my cart in the end because the shipping cost twice as much as the 40% off tee! And this site ships free within Australia when you spend A$10. Bangs head.

dona said...

I love this, especially because it looks leather but is denim. If I had my way, I would have everything in denim. The 70% off was a major plus!