Monday, October 31, 2011

Back to reality

The house guest has left (no thanks to Qantas), the spare mattress that she was sleeping on aired and put away, my own suitcase finally unpacked, all the gifts distributed, holiday laundry done and folded, and my work bag is ready for tomorrow.

It is as if the past three weeks didn't happen.

Thank goodness for pictures of sandy beaches and cute lifeguards. :)


Anonymous said...

The houseguest thanks you for being such a fantastic host! I can recommend you to any readers of your blog for providing a 5-star service and facilities. Plus fantastic doggy support and loving.

Milly said...

The pictures look fantastic -- especially on a day when cold rain is falling and the weather person says it could turn into snow. Oh! to be on that beach! M.

Milly said...

Forgot - have the puppies forgiven you yet for deserting them? Gus and Luie