Monday, May 06, 2013

Good eats

A long weekend means there's time to muck about in the kitchen. :) 
All this was done over a couple of days. I'm so not a daily cook.

Beef bourguignon over egg pasta (just because I found a packet of pasta in the store cupboard, otherwise I would have steamed rice). Drank with dinner the other half of the bottle of cab sav that the beef wasn't stewed in.

No-knead cheesy beer bread. It was gone overnight.

Easy Nutella cookie, with maple ice cream on top.

Crustless salmon and spinach quiche.
Did a conventional one, that's a wodge of it on the left.
And used a muffin tray for the rest of the batter. I think the mini sized ones are nicer because the cheese crips up better
-- you want a crispy edge to them since there isn't a crust. 


eslow said...

I'm on my way... call you from the airport!!!

dona said...

Food looks delish!