Saturday, January 20, 2007

Spot the puppy

I missed a couple of cute pix yesterday -- nothing to do with the dogs this time, though. I drew back the curtains when I got up and found a pair of pantyhose dangling from the ledge on top of the window. I've had undergarments land on the kitchen window before, they probably blew down from somebody's kitchen window laundry rack upstairs. But the bedroom window? Hmm, all I could think of was somebody upstairs must've had a wild night. By the time I got the camera, the pantyhose had dislodged itself.

Then we walked the dogs in the field downstairs in what was the first sunny window we've had this monsoon. And there in the outdoors fitness centre, the newly built one which took the place of a few killed trees, somebody had laid out pillows and bolsters across the sit-up ramp and parallel bars to sun. L said we should take a picture of that to show the town council that we appreciated their killing the trees and we're putting the fitness centre to good use. Only by the time we walked the dogs, got them upstairs and wiped off and fed and watered, the sunshine was fast fading. I was about to go downstairs with the camera when I saw from the window that the pillows were being gathered.

Maybe when the monsoon goes away, we'll have another chance at getting this pix. Maybe, maybe. There was no sunshine today but at least there was a rain-free period where we took the dogs out for a long walk to get cabin fever out of their system. And a good thing too, it's starting to pour again.

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