Friday, July 18, 2008

Fun at the supermarket

First, I couldn't find the Marmite. It wasn't with the bottled sauces and it wasn't with the soups. That's what I use the yeast extract for so I didn't knew where else to look for it. I finally found it by accident -- next to the bread. So that means that Marmite on toast isn't a solely British thing nor as cultivated a taste as I thought.

Then I came across breakfast flavoured milk. I didn't know breakfast was a flavour and now I'm curious as to what lunch and dinner flavours taste like.

But nothing can be as interesting as absurd seafood...


Milly said...

Somehow I seem to have lost the ability to post to your blog -- but 'tis okay . . . my memory is failing anyway. Shopping in your "neck of the woods" would be high entertaining to this mid-lands girl of the states! M.

snugpug said...

That one summer years ago that I spent in Sausalito, every other day when I was left on my own because L had taken the car to work, I would walk to the Safeway and while away the afternoon. It was really entertaining for me there! Even the Twinkie cupcakes were exotic to me!