Wednesday, March 11, 2009

In limbo

I haven't been updating due to a combination of reasons. My dad is in hospital for hip surgery after a fall and proving once again to be the patient from hell.

And my primary email account is unaccessible after my ISP migrated its mail servers, despite my following detailed instructions to change the POP & SMTP settings. Most frustrating, both ways.

So, nothing really nice to write about. Except last night, one of my supes came over, he had been reading the page proofs and brandished one that had a lead story which I subbed earlier.

"Eh, is this your handiwork?" he asked.

"What did I do now?" I groaned. It's my standard reply to him because everytime he comes over, it's to wag a finger at me because I missed a typo or a literal.

"You did good this time!" He liked the headline I had given and the pluck quote that I had selected.

It made my night. Now if only more supes will come round with good things instead of bad.


dona said...

I am hoping for more good things for you Snug. I also pray your dad recovers quickly and patiently! :) Hugs to you and your family.

The Cat's Whiskers said...

wot's a "literal"?

snugpug said...

Wrong usage of a word, eg stationery for stationary, or principle for principal. It's quite a common mistake to make if you're typing fast, and unfortunately, not the sort of thing that spellcheck will pick up because it's a legit word.