Wednesday, August 19, 2009

And after that

Quite by chance, I started on A Home for Rose after weeping over The Art of Racing in the Rain and was comforted right at the preface where the author says that no dog dies in this book, a promise that he made to a reader. Whew.

L eyed the pile of books on my nightstand and I told him The Art of Racing in the Rain was particularly brilliant but I also added the disclaimer that the dog dies. He dropped the book immediately like it bit him. Maybe he should start on the "no dog dies" book first.

So he started on The Dogs of Bedlam Farm. And it was only when we were both halfway through our respective books that we realised we were reading the same book -- just different titles for the US and UK editions. I've seen books that have different covers for different sides of the Atlantic, but never different titles before.

WTF. I bought two versions of the same book. Jon Katz had better explain his publisher's motives or he owes me another book.

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