Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Boy bands

There are some music groups that I follow loyally to the extent that I'll buy their new albums unquestioningly, even if I haven't heard the new songs yet, because I know they'll deliver.

That's why I picked up the new Bon Jovi when I went past the record shop. Then I noticed that The Priests also have a new album out so I grabbed it as well. I never thought that I'd be groupie-ing after a trio of priests.

I was rather amused that they had abandoned the sober, classical approach of their first album for a rock-star pose in the cover of their sophomore album. I was even more amused to find that the last track of the album was You'll Never Walk Alone. Maybe they're secret Liverpool FC fans. Although they did take pains to point out in the liner notes that it didn't originate as a football song but a Rodgers & Hammerstein musical.

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eslow said...

Maybe priests are sexy beings actually, as in The Thorn Birds. And oh, in the movie Richard Chamberlain spoiled it for me with his permanent surprised look. Tragic miscasting, I say. But then maybe tortured repressed soul Colin Firth wasn't born yet then. Hoping for a remake.