Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas revelry

The angel with the halo was held down to have this picture taken. Just so you know that sometimes, things are not as they seem, not even with halos. Queeni froze the minute the halo was put on, and refused to co-operate. Rupert, on the other paw, acted like he didn't realise there was something on his head. Eventually, he even fell asleep on the couch with the antlers still on.

L is wearing beer-tinted glasses -- a matching present for Rupert's bottle of beer. We figure that since he is 3 -- making him 21 in human years -- it's about time he had a drink. That was one present I couldn't resist, I love how it looks exactly like a bottle of Heineken, down to the label and the red star on the bottle cap. And it's called Houneken, how cute is that?

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Milly said...

Oh, yes -- the Schanuzer that hates costumes! The Queen is so typical! They honestly believe they have dignity -- and that we are trying to subdue them into some kind of clown. The more dominate they are, the more they hate any kind of finery (holiday or otherwise). Milly refused to walk in a winter coat, no matter how cold it was. I loved the picture -- priceless! MGW