Monday, May 28, 2012

A haiku a day.
Wonder if I can do this?
There! Already have.

Someone whose blog I follow recently mentioned a friend who was writing a haiku a day to get over a difficult period in her life. I just wondered if I could.

I've had a great holiday. The type where I didn't do much, yet chalked off all the items on my to-do list (the trick is just to have one a day). Ate some great meals. Enjoyed the healing company of caring friends. And came home totally relaxed and recharged.

And now I'm back at work. L is back on his feet. Last night, he was even walking the dogs, one at a time. I'm grateful. And yet, I'm fearful. Scar tissue hangs heavy.

So I'm wondering how much healing I can achieve by writing a haiku a day. I have a horrible feeling that it will grind to a halt in just a day or two. And it's just the plainest five-seven-five syllable style. No clever joining of two ideas. Clearly, no Basho. Just me.

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