Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Sweet musings

Bought a Terry's Chocolate Orange at the supermarket over the weekend, just because it was there. Couldn't decide between milk and dark, so got both. I used to see them on the shelves only during Christmas time.

When I broke into it, I was a bit surprised to see the Kraft logo on the corner of the box. I'd forgotten that they had taken over Terry's (and now Cadbury's too). It's a bit sad to see that the confectionery of my (colonial) childhood has gone American. But at least they haven't changed the packaging much, except for a tiny Kraft logo in the corner.

And maybe if it wasn't for American marketing, what used to be special Christmas time imports would be on the shelves all year round.

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Melissa Wiggins said...

Oh how I love the chocolate oranges that you whack to split. I always took several to school at Christmas so the kids could have the fun of cracking them and then eating the slices. And yes -- it was a Christmas time treat. MGW