Sunday, August 12, 2012

Comfort zone

Stick-in-the-ribs beef bourguignon exorcises more inner demons than writing haikus.

Done a little thinner than you normally would cook it, and with veg and served over rice, to suit L -- who had an endoscope done on Wednesday. During the procedure, three varices were banded and one polyp was found, which was removed. He's still feeling a little discomfort from the procedure -- which he said hurt more this time than when last done a year ago.

Next Wednesday, a CT scan to check on the liver, growth in kidney and adrenals, and the "dark spots" found when he was last hospitalised a few months ago.

Doctor's appointment with the results of the scan and the biopsy of the removed polyp will be at the end of the month. Which is our wedding anniversary. Lovely. And the day before that -- L's birthday -- he will spend peeing into a bottle for a 24h urine collection. And there I was grousing about my miserable birthday earlier this year.

Think I will have another helping. Especially as the Montezuma chocolate from the England trip is all gone now.

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Melissa Wiggins said...

Nothing more soothing than a delicious bowl of "stew" -- which is what we'd call it here in the Heartland. Thoughts go out to Les - we're on the doctor merry-go-round ourselves this month. We've had to resort to a calendar to keep it all straight. Hope the next results are as good as the ones reported on here. MGW