Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Random things of niceness

Going to work is never a nice thing, however much I like my job. So I try and make the commute nice by taking different routes to work. Sometimes the train, sometimes the bus, sometimes a combination of both.

The bus is the nicest, because it takes me down a road that has old liana-lined trees growing along the road divider. Dappled sunshine filtering through flame trees. Nice.

Lately, double-decker buses have been added to ply the route, which means that the view from an additional few feet up now includes peering over people's garden walls and catching glimpses of sleeping dogs. Nice, too.

Yesterday, as the bus approached a bus-stop, I happened to be looking out of the window while a girl waiting there happened to be looking in my direction as the bus pulled up. Our gazes met, and she smiled a shy half-smile. I smiled back. And then, both suddenly discomfitted that we were smiling at strangers, we broke eye contact. In any case, the bus pulled away. And suddenly, my workday was already getting better.

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Melissa Wiggins said...

Ah, the joy of living in a city with a good transportation system. Here, if you don't have a car, you stand at a bus stop waiting . . . and waiting . . . or calling for a cab three hours before you need it. However, our houses do come with garages which we fill with "left over junk" and never cars. MGW