Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Ups and downs

I'm getting a sort of PTSD from logging onto Facebook. FB was how I found out a few months ago that a friend had a cardiac arrest and flatlined before an emergency room defibrillator brought him back. He survived and has recovered. FB was how I found out last week an Internet friend in the US died suddenly. And FB this morning was how I found out a Tokyo friend has been hooked up on a ventilator in ICU over the weekend -- he couldn't breathe, the cold that took so long to shake off was pneumonia.

And all this time, FB was also where other friends, proud parents, posted pictures of their children -- a pair of twins turning one; a boy scoring for his team at a hockey match; another boy getting his taekwondo black belt; and an only child at his kindergarten graduation.

I had no idea while researching (OK, googling) the half-forgotten Kahlil Gibran quote for yesterday's entry that FB had more ironies to throw at me.

What will tomorrow bring?

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Melissa Wiggins said...

Glad to read your new posts -- sorry that FB and friends have been bringing you so much bad news. Glad L is doing better. Time -- it plays tricks on us all, some good some bad. I'll check in more now that I know you're writing again. MGW