Friday, June 14, 2013

Goodbye, friend

Wherever you are, there will be raucous laughter, lots of wine, good food, snazzy shoes, bright hair dye. And lots of animals, especially dogs.

All I have of you now are two dogs, both who came my way via you, one way or the other. I'm thankful for that. Every noselick from them is a like blessing from you. It is like having a little bit of you with us.

Every time you stepped into the house, the welcome that Queeni gave you was the sort that she would reserve for family members. The only other person she treats that way, other than the immediate pack, is my mother. That says so much. That you're more family than friend.

We sent you a card just two days ago, Les made a drawing of the dogs. I'm sad you won't see it. Sad that you were taken away from those who love you.

We will miss you here.

RIP, Christopher.

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Melissa Wiggins said...

What a lovely legacy Chris has left behind. I'm glad we got to know him just a little through you and the dogs.