Saturday, August 31, 2013

Lion, tigers and bears, oh my

A day at the zoo. Actually, it was the company's family day at River Safari. I wasn't so interested in the pandas, their star exhibit -- who also weren't very interested in receiving visitors. I liked the manatee enclosure, but the rest of the river displays were really fish tanks in a row. So it was all rather underwhelming -- and the boat ride through the Amazon display wasn't operating --  and we were done in two hours. And went next door to the Zoo, where we had a much nicer time.

The only panda I managed to get a picture of was the red panda.

The baboons had their own waterfall.

Is the plural of mongoose mongooses or mongeese?

Kangaroos in the Australian Outback display designed by Steve Irwin, who had a memorial plaque next to the entrance.

Nanuk, the only polar bear born in the tropics. He looked so lonely.

I was very disappointed that I did not get to see Hugh Jackman.

One lazy fellow was lying on his back when another monkey came over,  cursorily removed one tick, then kicked him. Lazy guy rolled over and started grooming his kicker. The other picture that I didn't get because a crowd of laughing tourists were in the way -- two giant tortoises mating. They were loud, very very loud. And he took a really long time. He was still at it when we got bored and moved on. I wonder how she felt.

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