Thursday, April 10, 2014


This was the most difficult post to curate. I have hundreds of photos of cherry blossoms -- pert ones, droopy ones, white ones, pink ones -- so much so that my memory card was full less than halfway into the trip. How could I possibly pick the nicest ones to upload here?

Hanami parties under the trees. These were low tables set out by food vendors. Most groups just brought their  own groundsheets. And the preparations were elaborate. It wasn't just bentos and six-packs. Many had a hibachi going.

I've heard that hanamis can be raucous affairs. Well, there were groups of students singing and clapping. But they all arranged their footwear neatly before they let go.


Anonymous said...

Next time buy larger memory card! Fantastic pix. Where is doggy photo? (RM)

Melissa Wiggins said...

I'm way behind in reading blogs (and writing them, too) -- but what a fun journey that now I get to take with you.