Thursday, April 05, 2007

Fun at the fair

I guess it's the only equivalent of the circus coming to town here. They took almost a week to set up in the big field next to the mall down the road from where we live. A few nights ago, L and I took a romantic evening stroll -- there was a full moon conveniently rising -- there to get funfair food: cotton candy on a stick, sausage on a stick, chicken wing on a stick, all manner of fried stuff on a stick. I guess it isn't funfair junk food unless there's a stick skewered through it. No toffee apples though -- which may be a good thing. I found them sorely disappointing when I came across them in British fun fairs.

The rides weren't ready yet but they turned on the gaudy lights, perhaps to attract people to the food stalls were already open. How very Singaporean. There was also a small pasar malam selling cheap clothes, household gadgets and mobile phone accessories. Very unfunfair-like.

There was one games stall -- you had to use some improbable implement to fish for plastic frogs floating on a tub of water. Gone were the days where funfairs were all about games stalls. Nowadays, which kid will pay to fish things from a tub of water when he has a Nintendo in his pocket and an XBox at home?

I took the pictures with the mobile phone. As you can see, the job of taking photos should be best left to cameras. The ferris wheel says Euro Wheel in big, bright letters. I honestly don't know what's so European about it. The Americans must be insulted.

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