Sunday, April 22, 2007

My pillow smells of dog

... because HRH has lately taken to perching on top of it and settling into the indent. There was one evening where she slid off so she ended up between the two pillows -- where she continued to sleep uninterrupted.

L, however, went nuts when he couldn't find her in the house. He did check the bed but didn't think to check behind the pillows. Calling her name didn't produce anything -- royalty does not always come when called. Rupert just blinked at him sleepily, stretched and went back to sleep. L seriously thought he did what M did a few weeks ago, locked Vivi out when she slipped out of the door as he came home, and actually opened the front door to check. Nothing, of course. I don't think Queeni would be like Vivi and sit by the front door, barking for Daddy to open it. She would probably take off. L went round the house, opening doors to closed-off rooms, even the store room. No Queeni. He was beginning to worry how to break the news to me that he had lost the dog *inside* the house when there was a rustle on the bed and she emerged from behind the pillow.

And it really isn't so bad to have your pillow -- and bed linen -- smell of dog.

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