Monday, April 09, 2007

Time out

This week will be a six-day Sunday to Friday work week. The one week that I spent home on leave is but a distant memory now. Ah, but still a pleasant one. I think it wasn't until then that I realised for a long time now, I had been drinking coffee while doing something, watching TV, reading the papers, checking email, I had never been just drinking coffee.

Or tea, in the case of that week off. It's a habit I've picked up from my parents: we brew coffee on work days and tea on weekends -- or in my case, days that I'm not working.

It helps to do nothing when you're drinking from a pretty cup. I saw this in the shop at Christmastime and finally caved in and paid Big Coffee Chain for two, one in a purple accent and the other in lime green. It was a birthday treat for myself and I figured they would be nice for the many hours of sipping while staring out of the window. Doing nothing.

When something happens that teaches you how precious time is, it is important to remember to do nothing while drinking coffee. Just enjoy drinking coffee.

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