Saturday, May 05, 2007

Before and after Rupert

These are the Galileo range from Nylabone, the toughest chews that they have. "For powerful chewers", the packaging says. Well, Rupert, ever the aberrant, has outpowered their expectations. He just chomped his way through them. The way he goes through the chews, I'll have to replace them almost every week. It's an expensive habit. But I suppose it still works out to be cheaper than replacing shoes and furniture...

Queeni has never been much of a chewer, a thin normal Nylabone lasts her for years. But now that Rupert chews, well, so must she. And she gallantly works away at the tough Galileo and you know her jaws are aching. But she'd rather suffer that than to drop it and have Rupert snatch it. It's a royal attitude.

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