Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Gone green

There has been a lot of activity in the field as the flower beds have been dug up. All the lilies are gone. But there's a pile of ixora seedlings left in the corner so I guess there'll be new plants where there now are giant mud patches, I hope.

This morning, the trees were trimmed and the branches temporarily left in piles on the ground. Queeni and Rupert haven't left the window, they were thoroughly entertained -- which at least kept That Dog out of mischief.

When they went down for walkies, they were even more delighted -- piles of tree branches on the ground was like the trees finally being brought down to their level.

There was a sudden movement on the grass and Queeni moved like lightning and pounced. After so many attempts at catching lizards that ended up with her just treeing them as they climbed out of reach, she finally caught a lizard. She had it pinned down with her paw.

However, she hadn't stopped to think through about what she would do with a lizard after having caught one. She just stood there, looking at it almost confusedly until L made her let it go.

Rupe, all this time, just stood staring. So much for the terrier instinct.

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Anonymous said...

Green is good but hey, where are people going to hang their laundry? - ES