Thursday, May 31, 2007


Back in 2002, B gave us a bottle of vintage 1990 Dom Perignon as a wedding present. We didn't open it then and thought at first that we'd save it for the first anniversary. When that rolled round, we quite forgot about it as we had a party and there was plenty else on hand to drink. And after that, there didn't seem to be a really great occasion to open it. I mean, it's not just champagne, it's Dom Perignon. And it's not just Dom Perignon, it's vintage Dom Perignon. Meaning, it's not something you open to go with the pizza delivery.

And so it sat around for several years. And then the question arose. Do we age it some more or do we just drink it? See, that's the thing I don't get about collecting wine. It's not like books that you can arrange beautifully and admire. The stuff is meant to be drunk. But once you drink it, there goes your collection.

When we finally bought our flat and moved in last May, that would have been the next great occasion. I don't remember now but L said that I said we should have chilled it and opened it on our first night here. Only of course, we probably didn't know where it was among all our boxes of stuff.

Well now that it's the first anniversary of our moving to our home, L figured it was a good time to open it. We drank it out of the champagne glasses that we, err, took home from the Royal Hawaiian where we honeymooned. You can't exactly say that it was stealing when we told the staff that we intended to take the glasses. And they offered a towel -- see, you also can't say that we stole the hotel towels -- to wrap them in. Now that's aloha.

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Melissa said...

Okay,I'm going backward here a bit -- but since you said you love Jane Austen (see -- I'm catching up on my summer blog reading -- being out of school is so heavenly) -- I wonder if you've read the mystery series that has Jane as the heroine. And if now, would you like me to send you the ones I have? Oh, and Fritzy tells the Queen he'll join her for a long nap on the rainy afternoon, but Gussy asks Ru -- and L -- what's a speck of dirt and mud when the world demands you runrunrun! Last night I played ball with Fritzy and I think it was the first time we've really played since Wolf died. Fritzy has been a very morose boy since Wolf left us. He's cranky and spends a lot of time under the bed. Last night he actually seemed to smile -- before he retreated under the bed, this time due to thunder and lightning storms. We could use a bit of Rupert's sunshine in this house, I think. Let me know about the book(s).