Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Generation gap

I don't feel my age although parts of my body make me painfully aware of it now and then.

Then I got to know one of the interns in the building at work and realise that he's leaving next month for my alma mater. It's been 20 years since I was at Warwick but even so, that wasn't any more than a figure in my head -- even if two decades sound like a scarily long time. But you don't feel like someone's auntie, not when you can yakk about Neil Gaiman with him.

Nice fella that he is, he agreed to keep in touch. And promptly asked me for my MSN and Facebook contacts. I have neither. And that was the only time I felt Old. Was it so long ago that keeping in touch with friends when I was at Warwick meant writing them snail mail. The type that you need to stick a stamp on, post, and then wait maybe a couple of weeks for a reply.

Okay, I don't write snail mail anymore -- even if I do send out Christmas cards that way, there's nothing like a seasonal stamp on an envelope for an olde world festive touch. Oh lord, if I'm going on about the Good Old Days, that can only mean I am Old. But don't call me Auntie.


Yee Hung said...

Ahhh!! Sorry! I didn't mean to make you feel old or anything! Don't worry though, lots of my friends don't have Facebook either, but MSN, well...

Go get one la, easy to register what. There's no such thing as being too old to try out new stuff. Btw, the ex-Malaysian DPM Anwar Ibrahim is my friend on Facebook! I'm sure he's older than you!

snugpug said...

Oh, please don't apologise, I wasn't hurt or anything. Just amused. But then, I'm easily amused. :)