Sunday, November 30, 2008

Even more music

I've heard Julian Bream perform John Dowland before (the joys of a regional Arts Centre in a provincial university) so Sting's Songs From the Labyrinth didn't really pique my interest. But then, it's Sting. Rock star plays lute and does Elizabethan ballads. So I caved in and bought it.

And it wasn't bad. I think I was subconsciously holding my breath with this rock superstar goes classical thing ever since Liverpool Oratorio (again, the education of the abovementioned Arts Centre) put me off Paul McCartney even though I like the Beatles like anyone else. Sting's tenor rather suits Elizabethan ballads. I guess he could have been a rock star four centuries ago too.

But I don't think I will cave in so easily to buy a ticket for his coming tour in early December (whaddaya know, Sting in Singapore twice in a year). $25 for a CD is one thing, $100-$500 for a concert ticket is something else. Even if I paid $350 x 2 for the Police reunion tour in February. And there's no Stewart Copeland this time.


The Cat's Whiskers said...

And Deutsche Gramophone as the recording company too! I wonder how he managed to wrangle that? The likes of "serious" classical players must be turning in their graves at having to share the same recording company as a reedy-voiced pop star!

snugpug said...

Probably on the strength of the lutenist who accompanied him -- Edin Karamazov. He's properly credited, and has a picture in the album sleeve but I think he should be on the cover too. It's really a two-man effort.

The Cat's Whiskers said...

Maybe Sting ... mimed?

BTW, you forgot to mention that Kylie was in town too!