Sunday, February 22, 2009

Dicing with ice

L at the food court drinks stall:

"One bandung, one lime juice, no ice, please."

"No ice?" the stall assistant wanted to make sure before she dispensed the drinks into the paper cups.

"No. If you give me a cup full of ice, I won't get to drink anything." It's true, you take two long sips and all the drink's gone and you're left with a cup full of ice and you're still thirsty.

"Hey, ya hor, you're right." And a light bulb goes off in the head of the guy behind L in the queue.

L is now on his way to an iceless drinks revolution and pretty soon, we're going to be banned from the food court.

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Milly said...

I have to keep googling to see what it is you guys actually eat and drink. Bandung had me totally perplexed -- but I found many pictures of it and a description (I don't think I could manage to drink one -- but it is very, very pretty) and then I was pretty sure that the bandung was for you . . . such a lovely color of Pepto Bismal pink! And sometimes it comes in cans? My goodness . . .