Tuesday, February 10, 2009

It won!

When I bought Raising Sand more than a year ago, I never thought it'd win a Grammy for best album -- even though I thought it was a pretty good album. Yay.

To add to my post of November 2007, if the Plant of Led Zep would have done a double take at the Plant of Raising Sand, then I wonder what he'd have to say to the Plant at the Establishment Grammys.

I wonder why broadcasters (and maybe TV audiences) in this part of the world are so fixated on movie awards but no attention is paid to music awards. We had the red carpet run-up show to the Golden Globes, in addition to a live telecast of the awards show, plus a repeat later in the evening. And the Oscars are being blurbed (live telecast again). But we didn't get to see the Grammys. And not even a whiff of the BAFTAs.

Even rock stars deserve awards, don't they?

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