Saturday, May 30, 2009

Mundane existence

I haven't blogged lately and this entry has got nothing terribly interesting to say -- it's really just about how a new underground line opened on Thursday; so now, my daily commute to work has gone from a train and bus combination to a weather-proof all-train combination involving a switch on three lines, shaving about 15-20 minutes of travel time.

Like that is really rivetting and like that really matters to you.

I need to get a life.


Milly said...

Well, you've certainly been gone a much shorter than I have. It's awful really - I start to acquire a few readers and then I abandom them. But I promise I've read every single one of your entries -- as well as follow on Dogtalk. Your pickle entires made my mouth water. I was interested that L was considering a career move. I though from the title that you might be worried about the fate of newspaper editors / writers. In the US it seems the days of the newspaper may be numbered. My dad is turning over in his grave! MGW

Anonymous said...

Eh, 15 to 20 mins is nothing to sneeze at.
And shaving's good too.