Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Good morning

I had the camera-enabled mobile phone on the nightstand next to me, and this was what I woke up to. A furry and somewhat concerned face. Concerned over his bladder's contents, that is.


Milly said...

Much better face than the one I woke up to . . . well, to be honest, it wasn't a face, it was a long, loud whimper. And when I rolled over I rolled in massive amounts of upchuck - filled with grass and something that suspciously looked like poo (and smelled like it, too). Gussie was on the floor, Luie was sound asleep with his papa -- and I was left to clean it all up. And it was a lot. Gussie had gone to the door to try and tell us he needed to go but he doesn't bark at such occasions -- he's the whimperer. So in the corner by the door was more upchuch and this time the runny poop. And because he had filled that spot, he moved on to the favorite spot -- under the grand piano. At some point Luie must have decided, "Oh! Yea! Poop time!" and he had cleverly deposited four long lines of poop all running parallel (because it wasn't runny and was nicely formed I knew it was Luie). So the carpet and the bed had to be cleaned up -- but after I got the vomit off the bed, I just laid towels down over it until morning because both Will and Luie never stirred during the entire ordeal. Gussie followed me around looking sad and shivering -- but that was because we were in the middle of a huge thunder and lightening storm. I think he figured he was being punished for getting sick. Eventually we got it all cleaned up (we! Heck! I got it all up!) and hefted Gussie back into the bed and though, it was not 4:30 we had an uneventful rest of the night.

I think I'm falling in L O V E with Roo -- I know it's how you describe him, but, my goodness he has a kind face (and heart!). I'm not proofing this -- so whatever I had to say, just decipher it, kay?

snugpug said...

Why, thank you for saying such kind things about my boyo. You do know that we picked up the term boyo from Wolf? That's how much you have imprinted on us, half a world away.

It's true that Roop isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer. But he certainly is the sweetest and most good natured dog I've ever come across.

And he's picked up on what happened in KCMO. And Queeni too. Because we got woken up twice in the wee hours of this morning. First, I woke up to a most dreadful Smell. Roop hadda do his Poop Thing, and he went on the floor because he couldn't get out of the bedroom to use the pee pad in the living room (he's mostly very good now about pooping there but he hasn't got the hang of the pee pad also being where he should also pee). We cleaned up and went back to bed. An hour later, we were woken again. This time, it was to the Queeni doing the urka-gurka heaves.

Those dogs, they're all in cahoots.