Monday, June 22, 2009

Last dinosaur left standing

I should have seen it coming. A month after my ISP migrated its email servers, it sent me a letter saying that by end-June, it would no longer continue to offer dial-up services. Because the nation had gone wired and broadband was easily available etc. Basically, it means that I'm a dinosaur and it's not worth their while to service me.

I like being a dinosaur. When I moved in, there was already a phone line and I had no reason to switch broadband because I don't surf the Net much. I spend like maybe an average of 15 minutes on it a day, mostly for email, update this blog, follow other blogs. And dial-up suited all that just fine. Not to mention that it cost peanuts. The cheapest broadband package comes at twice that price and with all the hoops and whistles that I don't need.

Of course, I could do much more if I had broadband. But the point is that I don't want to do much more. An average of 15 minutes a day on the Net suits me just fine (and this includes loading pages on a 56K modem). I don't want to spend hours on YouTube viewing friends' baby videos, I don't want to make new friends on Facebook and poke old friends. If I had broadband, I'd be doing all that and given that I still only have 24 hours a day, that's less time I have for other things -- like making friends in the flesh and visiting friends to laugh at their babies' actual antics.

If I really want to connect via broadband, I have free WiFi at the library, thanks to my tax dollars at work. But the real reason why I haven't got broadband at home is because when we moved in almost three years ago, we wanted to get a broadband/cable TV/phone line package that the telcos offer. But we didn't have a cable-ready TV. Hell, we didn't *have* a TV. My parents gave us a spare portable set that got its reception from rabbit-ears antennae. It was supposed to be temporary. But with a procrastinator in charge of getting the TV and the broadband package, what was temporary extended to almost three years. So blame it all on L.

If this blog becomes extinct after June 30, it's because the dinosaur's Net access has been pulled out from under its feet.

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Milly said...

No! No, no, no. Get old money bags to turn loose of some change and invest in internet access that exists in the modern world (you may tell Rock Studley I said so). YOU may be a dinosaur -- but the Queen and Roo the Poo have things to discuss with the world and you must NOT deny them to their faithful subjects all over the world. I would surely miss checking in on you daily (okay -- sometimes it's weekly, but usually it's daily). Milly and Gus and Lu