Sunday, June 14, 2009

Instruments of torture

That's what HRH would call the toothbrushes. I found a new dog toothbrush at the pet store yesterday. It comes with two heads, designed to be able to brush both the inside and outside of a dog's teeth. Previously, with the so-called dog toothbrush that doesn't look very different from a human toothbrush, I could only brush the outer side of the teeth efficiently.

L calls this new two-headed toothbrush The Cobra. You have no idea how brilliant I found it to be -- almost as brilliant I think, as liver-flavoured antibiotics that don't have to be disguised or catapulted into the throat of an uncooperative dog.

Rupert thinks the new toothbrush just a new fangled eating implement that lets him swallow more poultry-flavoured toothpaste.

People generally think of great inventions as something that has made life easier and better. Well, I wouldn't quibble that the wheel is generally a good thing to have; that air-conditioning makes life comfortable in the tropics; and sliced bread is quite handy too.

But I still think liver-flavoured dog pills and double-headed dog toothbrushes rank up there with the wheel.

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