Sunday, July 29, 2012

Olympian feat

I'm watching the Olympics coverage in dribs and drabs, partly because of the time difference. Last night, the opening ceremony started at 4am here. I loved how it started with a English village scene to a solo voice singing Jerusalem. That poor boy singing alone though, what a case of nerves he must have had. Loved the Bond skit with the Queen, and Mr Bean with the London Symphony Orchestra -- guess they stole Simon Rattle from Berlin for the day.

By then, it was close to 5am and I started to nod off. Last thing I remember was the rock n roll sequence where girl drops mobile, boy finds mobile, boy and girl find each other, and somehow, I don't know how it connects -- but then I was half asleep -- the scene morphs into the house lifting off to show the inventor of the Internet. And in my half-consciousness, I remember muttering, "What, it wasn't Al Gore?" before falling asleep.

Now, 24 hours later, the swimming heats are on TV, and I keep seeing the swimmers walk out with headphones clamped to their ears. What do you suppose they are listening to? Soothing Bach cantatas? Pumped up hip-hop? Their best mates cheering them on? Their coach going, pay no attention to the wuss in Lane 2, he swims like a girl?

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