Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Christmas is over

We hang the Christmas stockings at the window in lieu of a fireplace. Here's a pix of what our window looks like from the inside and outside before I take the Christmas decorations down.

My mother has always insisted that the Christmas decorations must come down by Epiphany or it'll be bad luck for the rest of the year. I think that's just a veiled threat to make sure that you don't have the tree up still in June. It's like how I think the custom of not sweeping the floor during Chinese New Year lest you sweep away the good luck was first started by a housewife who wanted a break.

But at least this year, the Chinese New Year decorations can go up as soon as the Christmas ones come down.

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Milly said...

It always feels a bit sad to remove the last of Christmas. If I get depressed it must be in January, I think, and a lot is due to Christmas let-down.

All your food pictures have paid me back royally for the Mongolian beef. Will has been making Chinese dinner food runs for a week (we have no idea how to cook it ourselves, unfortunately, but we have a great little restaurant not too far from home that helps us out). It's one of the food that cuts through the misery that I can actually taste. MGW