Thursday, January 22, 2009

Yoga With Dogs

Following the Catswhiskers' brilliant treatise on Yoga With Cats, I was inspired to embark on a course of Yoga With Dogs, with my two in-house yogis.

I should add that I'm already a long-time follower of the nocturnal version of Yoga With Dogs. It's a gruelling session that can go on for up to 8-9 hours, with one yogi at the foot of the bed and another at the head of the bed. The one at the foot of the bed specialises in his ability to hold an asana (and hence my position too, following his leadership) for as long as 5 hours. The one at the head of the bed takes us through more positions at the nudge of her snout. If we don't follow instructions promptly, the gentle nudge becomes a sharp dig, the snout is now a shovel and the cute button nose starts to quiver with indignation.

No, what I bravely embarked on was a course of day-time Yoga With Dogs. Up until now, I had left the yogis on the other side of the baby gate while embarking on such exercise because the routine rapidly evolved to Weight Resistance Training as one particular yogi insisted on leaning against, then sitting on, and finally bouncing off various body parts.

But this time, the Weight Resistance specialist merely lay down quietly beside me, yawning encouragement. Perhaps it helped that it was after his lunch and he had embarked on his own Weight Resistance Training (Internal Version).

As I huffed and pulled myself into position, the older yogi strolled in, glanced at me and assumed Downward Dog position (pictured below), expertly, fluidly and silently, compared to my efforts which were accompanied by the sound of popping joints. Then she looked at me insouciantly before yawning further encouragement.

It's so unfair, she has genetic advantage when it comes to Downward Dog.

Downward Dog is expertly demonstrated here by Yogi Sera from Sydney, and used with kind permission of Compaunmeri because my own yogis, despite their dedication to my personal fitness, were entirely camera uncooperative.

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