Sunday, January 04, 2009

Dinner at home

This is specially posted for The Catswhiskers, L said to show you what we had for dinner last night. Beef stir fried with leeks, and bitter gourd with fish in black bean sauce.

it's not Chinese New Year food, I didn't break my promise to you of not posting CNY goodies.

You can get your back on L by posting pictures of real ale and Five County cheese.

I must be more Singaporean than I think -- I've started the year off by posting about food!

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The Cat's Whiskers said...

(Arggggh ... a thousand poxes on L for torturing me!)

But actually, those are not my favourite dishes. So until you post photos of a dinner of mee rebus, seafood hor fun, oh luat, chilli crab and Indian rojak, I am not lau nuaing over the photo. Of course what makes the food extra special is that it was cooked by L.